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      Replacement of hoses of system of cooling
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      Removal and installation of the fan of a radiator
      Removal and installation of the pump of a cooling liquid
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Removal and thermostat installation

The diesel engine of 1.9 l

At cars with the system of the cooling working under the set characteristic, the usual thermostat is absent.



    Merge cooling liquid.
    Disconnect the bottom hose of a cooling liquid from a connecting branch pipe (2). Preliminary open a collar and completely shift it back.
    Turn out bolts (1) and remove a connecting branch pipe with the thermostat (4).
    Turn the thermostat on 90 to the left and take out from a connecting branch pipe.



    Necessarily replace consolidations and sealing rings. Clear sealing surfaces. Insert the thermostat (4) with a new sealing ring (3) into a connecting branch pipe (2) and turn on 90 to the right.

Thermostat collars should stand almost vertically.

    Insert a connecting branch pipe with the thermostat into the block of cylinders and fix its moment 15Нм. Fill system with a cooling liquid, address to Section Check of the engine by means of the vacuum gauge.